Approaching “Human Nature” through the Study of Language and the Brain

“Who are we as human beings?” is the most fundamental question for humanities and sciences, including linguistics, neuroscience, and psychology.
We believe that the key to answering this question lies in the “language” that only humans have.
In the Ohta Lab, we combine neuroscience experiments and linguistic theories with exploring the brain mechanisms that enable us to understand and produce language.
Our research has great social significance regarding foreign language learning and medical treatments for language disorders.

We welcome anybody curious about the relationship between language and the brain!

We are always looking for graduate students, postdocs, and research students and are available to discuss your research projects.

※Students who wish to join our lab must enroll in either the Department of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, School of Letters, Kyushu University, or the Department of Linguistics, Graduate School of Humanities, Kyushu University.


research achievements

The following is a list of research achievements by the Department of Linguistics, Faculty of Humanities and Sciences, Kyushu University.